Construction Management Experts

The Site Photos platform have been in development since 2014, by and for construction management professionals. The platform has undergone several revisions from the first iteration of geolocating photos taken on site (for construction claims).

With the advancement of drones, orthorectified images (a process of compiling a large number of photos and removing any distortions from the final image. The process allows for accurate distance measurement of the final image and places it at the correct location on earth.) were added to the platform using a google maps type display. Over the years the platform has continued to add features, such as comparing site progress, displaying CADD layers, tracking issues and easy mark-up for printouts.

The Site Photos platform is a innovative management tool used on large construction projects.

Our Service Levels

Our services can vary according to a the project needs:

Full Scope: we provide a full mapping and progress solution, including capture, processing and displaying site progress. Converting cad layers for quick and easy display on our mapping system.

As Required Scope: All the same services are available with the choice of using your own forces or subcontractors to provide some or all what's needed.

The Basic: We provide access to the Site Photos platform for a monthly or annual fee. You manage all uploads and data management.